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sarahneverlearn's Journal

Sarah Elizabeth
9 February
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Hello My Is Sarah.
I am almost 15. I was born in stillwater minnesota on feb. 9th 1991 around 4:15 am.
My Father died when i was 9 and it's been me and my mom ever since. I am almost certain i will never find love.
Music plays a big part of my life.. music genres; Indie, Emo, Metal, Hardcore, Jrock, Classic Rock, Jazz, Classical, Ambient/Electro. I have been playing the violin since i was 9 and i have been playing my drums for almost 2 years now.
I also like anime but i have 3.5 shelfs of manga at my house.
I Love all my friend from the bottom of my heart even though most of the time i don't show it.