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Yes, I decided to update.

New years was absolutely amazing.
I went to Sophie's for her New Years/Birthday gathering.
It was Tim, Zach, Ashlee, Sophie and I.
And her mom of course.
She got us Beer and UV.
Zach brough his Vanilla Schnapps that I got him for his birthday and a little bit of Bacardi Razz.
Tim brought a bottle of this gross bloody mary shit.
It was really disgusting.
We started drinking at 9:32 because that's when sophie was born.
We all, including Sophie's mom had a shot of UV.
At midnight we stumbled out onto Sophie's deck and screamed to the neighborhood "Happy fucking 2007, Betch!"
God. I have never been so drunk. Erica and Airik appeared out of nowhere and said Hi, took 2 beers then left. Zach dared me and Ashlee to makeout and I was like "I not drunk enough, grab me a beer." But I guess her mom decided that we had enough so she hid the beer. And Zach couldn't find his Razz and he was really sad. So we just ended up watching Matilda. In the middle of the movie tho I stood up and walked over to Sophie's toilet and threw up this Cheese and Cracker stuff my mom made me bring. I hate throwing up sooo much. Ashlee and I dared Zach to roll around in the snow in the middle of the street. He almost got runover by a snowplow. xD We fell asleep at about 6am. I had such a fucking hangover. We went over to Zachs after we ate at Taco Bell and I was trying to fall asleep watching The Craft. Then we played Guitar Hero and my mom picked up me and Ashlee and we drove her home and I fell asleep.
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